Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I wanna be home again & feelin' right

Thanks for all of your well wishes on my finals! I think I did just fine and I can't believe I have another semester of college under my belt. Eek!

Road trips are the best. Am I right?!

I freaking love 'em.

T- 15 hours until my best friend/roomie and I hit the road for HOME! Can.not.wait. It's gonna be a nice break.

It takes nine hours to get home. How do we keep ourselves entertained? Jam out, record videos of us singing and dancing (as much as you can while still safely driving, of course!) and take pictures. We're goofballs to the extreme.

Oh, and of course we eat tons of snacks. It's our specialty.

The above-mentioned BFF is a food science major. So I actually eat better at school than I do at home. Which is kinda funny. But I follow her lead (sometimes... most of the time?) on healthy snacks/drinks.

So, with her blessing, here's what will be consumed on that long drive tomorrow:

For me, the driver-- not that I will need any of this because I'll be so happy anyway-- oh yeah, and she didn't give me her blessing on this, but I think that's obvi haha I kinda got addicted to these while studying for finals. Oops?!

And now that I'm nearing the end of typing out this post, I just realized that I'm not on my Wordpress blog! Yikes. I promise this wasn't meant to be a shamless plug! Agh. Sorry, guys.

To try to add some rock and roll in here, here's a song about being home again and feelin' right. :)

Have a great rest of the week, yall!


Whizkid said...

I always loved that simple little song by Carole King...just one of the little-known songs on Tapestry. Thanks for reminding me of it. What a truly classic album Tapestry is, it really has stood the test of time. I can still remember listening to it over and over in 1971 (I was 14) and knowing I was listening to something special, something unique, something enduring.

Anyway, be careful on your road trip and have a great Holidays!

bearockr said...

Oh! I just love this song by Carole, I mostly listen to it before going to sleep, its melody just gives me a lotta peace of mind ... And you too have a great time driving all the way !

drewzepmeister said...

Take away the NOS and replace it with Pepsi, it's my diet somedays.

Barbara aka Layla said...

Drive safely, young lady! And enjoy rockin out, car dancing and eating. Sounds like a blast.

(Drew - you are going to rot your teeth if you don't stop drinking so much of that stuff....)

Sean Coleman said...

Home for Christmas break after finals. That always spelled severe liver damage and good times for me.

Enjoy your holidays.

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Hey dork! We didn't record any vids?!? What's up with that...We have another 8 (not 9! hhaha) hours ahead soon enough...Eating. Our Specialty? Why, of course! :D LOVE IT! haha

classicrockforthesoul said...

Whizkid - Yep, love Tapestry. Not a bad song on it, imo.

Arjit - I agree, her voice is very soothing to me as well.

Drew - I myself prefer Dr. Pepper over Pepsi, but I can relate. Caffeine gets the best of me!

Barb - I'm back safe and sound, thank you!

Sean - Hahaha! Too funny.

Em - I haven't seen you since our voyage. Fix it!

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