Saturday, February 21, 2009

All-Time Favorite Band

Happy Saturday, everyone!
And a happy birthday to David Geffen who was born this day in 1943!

Thinking about Geffen made me think about Asylum Records (which he founded in 1971) which made me think about my all-time favorite band ever - The Eagles (who were signed to Asylum the same year)!

Now the Eagles started out as a country-rock band (especially the album Desperado), the country part being heavily influenced by Bernie Leadon's skills on mandolin, banjo, etc. After Leadon left, the band became more rock sounding (ala Hotel California).
When most people think of the Eagles, they think of "Hotel California" which is almost always in the top 10 of every Greatest Guitar Solos list out there.
However I think their entire catalogue is AWESOME. In my opinion they're the greatest harmony band ever. And I can't choose what lineup I like the best. From the original Frey-Henley-Leadon-Meisner to Frey-Henley-Leadon-Meisner-Felder to Frey-Henley-Meisner-Felder-Walsh to Frey-Henley-Walsh-Schmidt, I've loved 'em all.

I could go on and on and on all day, but I wanted to ask you:
Who is your all-time favorite band/artist? And why?

Hre's "Saturday Night" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling" from a BBC performance in 1973:


Unholy_Diver said...

One word- Rush. They are the quintessential rock band, IMO, and no one alive plays drums like Neil Peart(Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa were better, but they're both dead). He is, indeed, a God. I was first introduced to them through 2112, and was immediately hooked. It's still my favorite album of theirs.

Jeff said...

I would have to list Floyd as my favorite band. The amount of classic material they released was unbelievable. Even lesser known albums like Atom Heart Mother, Obscured by Clouds, and Meddle are ridiculously good. They consistently kept their music fresh and continued to push boundaries. Although I wish Waters' ego didn't get in the way of the band in the later years, I still respect him and his artistic genius. Not to mention I think Gilmour is the greatest guitarist ever.

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