Monday, July 6, 2009

Something a little different...

I'm going to share with you guys something I recently came across on Youtube. It's Chris Daughtry's acoustic cover of "Poker Face" (Lady Gaga) - pretty cool!

I hope everyone had a fun July 4th weekend! It's way too hot and humid here to even want to be outside unfortunately.

P.S. Is anyone else as sick as I am of hearing about Michael Jackson? I think the media is going to milk this "story" for as long as they can. Just put him in the ground already for crying out loud. Don't even bother watching television on any of the major networks tomorrow.

I heard this crazy rumour going around that Led Zeppelin (and ABBA, too) was asked to consider playing at London's 02 Arena now that, oh, 50 dates have opened up.
Fat chance! I think Zep will reunite when hell freezes over. And I'm talking about when hell actually freezes over (not the kind of "hell freezes over" like in the Eagles' story)!
I suppose that Robert Plant is just happy as a clam singing weird bluegrass songs with that Krauss lady.


UnHoly Diver said...

Big fan of Daughtry. Lady GaGa; not so much.
And don't get me started on Michael Jackson...

Dan said...

Cool song by Daughtry. He should have won AI that year.

Yes sick of ther whole MJ thing. I think the whole family just loves the attention.

I have to disagree about your take on the Plant and Krauss songs. They are'nt anything like bluegrass. I challenge you to listen to "Please Read the Letter" or "Killing the Blues". Great americana music.

classicrockforthesoul said...

@ Unholy - Yeah, I don't like Lady Gaga either. I don't see the appeal.

@ Dan - Don't get me wrong, I do like some of the songs by Krauss/Plant. I saw them on the CMT show "Crossroads" and thought it was a pretty cool (odd, but cool) pairing! I like "Please Read the Letter" and "Gone Gone Gone" is pretty catchy as well!

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