Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Steve Winwood!

Happy birthday to Steve Winwood, who turns 61 today!
Can't wait to catch him and Eric Clapton this summer - sure to be a great show :)

*This day in 1971...

Mick Jagger marries his first wife, Bianca De Macias - they divorced in February 1979. Bianca is later quoted as saying, "My marriage ended on my wedding day." Well that sucks. But that's what you get for marrying a rock and roll star...

Here's the [happy] couple, looking less than thrilled:


rock and roll history said...

Enjoy the show, it should be a good one.
I'm jealous i'm not going... Boo!

I got my first issue of Rolling Stone in the mail a few days ago.
I just stopped by to say thank you again.

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Well that makes this day that much better! ;)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

My mother loves that little rat--ha!

You're doing awesome job with your blog--keep up the good work. You're a old soul, sweetie!

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