Friday, October 9, 2009

Guest Post: Layla's Classic Rock

Alright peeps, today I'm proud to present a truly wonderful story brought to you by Layla from Layla's Classic Rock. This lady is fabulous - she was one of my very first blog readers and I ended up winning a saaaweet shirt in one of her contests.

So here she is telling us about when she met LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM. Yes, that's right. Layla has met LB!! How fantastic. Here's what went down, in her own words:

It was a late summer afternoon and I was sitting on the boardwalk with my dog, Scooter. Scooter was one of those dogs everyone stopped to pet, he was just cool. I noticed this guy with wild hair wearing these paisley blue pants and a white shirt walking towards us. He was hot. He stopped and pet Scooter and sat on the bench by me. We introduced ourselves. When he said his name was Lindsey I tried to act cool. I thought he looked like Lindsey Buckingham but what would he be doing here in Laguna Beach? We talked a bit and he said "where can you get a good beer?" I said "The White House" we walked over there but then went to the Saloon instead so we could sit outside with Scooter. He was nice and we talked about Laguna Beach and he never brought up who he was and I didn't want to since he didn't. I gave him the history of Laguna and then he paid for my beer said it was nice meeting me and Scooter and he split. I ran home and told my roomates and of course they did not believe me, but I know it was him. It was like he was avoiding being known but I KNOW it was him.

Super jealous, right?
Bloggies, he was probably lookin' a little something like this that fine day:

Thanks for sharing that cool story, Layla!!

Everybody have a good weekend!! I'm heading home for my 5-day weekend :)


carolina said...

Awesome! He probably enjoyed just sharing a beer with someone who wasn't fawning over him. Makes for nice memories.

drewzepmeister said...

Barbara, I've always loved that story! :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Yes it was a fine day for sure! Carolina, I was afraid to make a fool of myself so played it cool :)

Thanks for all the kind words!!!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Very cool story! Barbara aka Layla is awesome.

Sean Coleman said...

That is quite an excellent story. Great idea to have special guests take over, too.

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