Thursday, October 1, 2009

RANT: Rock and Roll Hall of Stupidity

Thanks, guys for all the positive comments! I'm glad to be back.
I'm still playing with my banner, so I'll let you guys know when it's 100% done.

Okay, I know a lot of you guys have already been biatching about the 2010 R&R Hall of Fame nominees, so now it's my turn. The R&R Hall of Fame has turned into one of stupidity. Here's why:

The Chantels
Jimmy Cliff (... who?)
The Hollies
LL Cool J (more on this insanity later)
Darlene Love
Laura Nyro
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Stooges
Donna Summer

WTH. This hall of fame inducted its first round of artists in 1986, and KISS is just now getting inducted? Twenty-three years later??? I really don't understand how a mega-popular band like that is just now getting inducted.

And LL Cool J? Really? Even rappers don't like this guy. He's horrible.
The only ones that I think truly deserve to be in there are The Chantels (hey, they were a big influence on future black girl groups - don't kid yourself... you know you like some '60s doo wop!), KISS, and The Hollies. Genesis is on the fence.
RHCP should have to wait 15 or 20 years after they become an "inactive" band like so many other big '70s and '80s bands had to.
Unfortunately for those bands, some are still waiting...

Bad Company
Deep Purple
Jethro Tull
The Moody Blues

^And those are just a few. You've got to me kidding me! Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that those yahoos at the Hall of Fame are complete idiots -- it's turned into a thug and wannabe exhibit over there. Is there something in the water in Cleveland? I demand that we stick to pop rock, classic rock, soft rock, heavy rock, arena rock, blues rock, jazz rock, country rock, prog rock, southern rock...! Let's leave gangsta beats and disco balls outta the equation, capish?

It only took them until 1995 to induct Led Zeppelin -- aren't they like the universally accepted greatest hard rock band of all time? That should have been our first clue that these voters were loonie, folks.

Let's have more of this:

And less of this nonsense:

If y'all will let me take Mr. Peresman's job (he's the president and CEO of this hall of stupidity), I promise I'll put in only legit artists. And find a way to kick Run-DMC and LL Cool J to the curb.

At this rate, they'll be letting in Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lady Gag-Me, and Amy Winehouse any year now. Sheesh.


Jeff said...

A few months ago I decided I would never write anymore posts on the R&R Hall of Fame. It's a complete joke. I'm happy Genesis is in because they are one of the most important bands in prog. However, anything post Steve Hackett is better off forgotten, but the Peter Gabriel and Hackett era was pure genius. Foxtrot and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway are absolute classics. I think The Stooges also belong solely based on their historical importance.

Besides the obvious inductions who obviously should be taken off the list. I find it upsetting that a circus act like KISS could make it in before bands like the ones you mentioned and tons more. KISS is more of a side show act than a band.

Uhhh, I've already exerted too much attention into the subject. I think the R&R Hall of Fame should be destroyed immediately. I feel like the whole idea of it is just silly. Music is far too subjective, which would render all of my previous statements irrelevant, lol.

Whizkid said...

Couldn't have said it better Classic. The R&R Hall of Fame is a polically corrupt and culturally retarded outfit. Nice building but hellacious stupidity resides within.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: Get all the bulldozers in Cleveland and line them up side-by-side facing north on Erieside Ave. On my signal, they all start moving and push the whole damn R&R Hall of Fame into Lake Erie. Then we start over...

rock and roll history said...

Holy shit. Have the Red Hot Chili Peppers been around for more than 25 years?!?!
Christ, i feel OLD.

And the Stooges-- Fuck yeah. It's about time.

Jimmy Cliff, by the way, is best known to rock fans for his contributions to the movie soundtrack for "The Harder They Come."
The movie itself is cheesy, but worth watching once to say you have seen it. The soundtrack is awesome. Not rock and roll- but awesome nonetheless.
Is he a talented musician who deserves recognition for his accomplishments?
Does he belong in the RNRHOF??
No more than LL Cool J does.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! LL Cool J??? Oh, God help us. And Chicago and Jethro Tull and Journey are on the waiting list. Unbelievable.

Sean Coleman said...

Ever wait in line outside an exclusive drinking establishment? (there's always a large man who can lift the bus, but can't spell it, tasked with letting some folks in and keeping others out)

Well, we've all watched people cut line because of who they knew or what they had to offer the person at the door, etc.

The rock hall of fame is no different.

classicrockforthesoul said...

@ Jeff - Well said.

@ Whizkid - I'm Googling demolition companies in Cleveland right now!

@ R&R history - Thanks for letting me know who Jimmy Cliff is - I had no idea.

@ Linda Lou - Isn't it just ridiculous? What's the world comin' to?

@ Sean - Hah sooo true!

Perplexio said...

Pressman has little to do with the nominations and inductions. Jann Wenner the editor in chief of Rolling Stone is largely responsible for who gets nominated and who doesn't. The late Ahmet Ertegun (former head of Atlantic Records) also had a lot to do with the nominating committee and he actually used to reign in Wenner a bit. The nominations have gotten WORSE since Ertegun's death as there's no one around to keep Wenner in check any more.

The RRHOF is much more a reflection of Mr. Wenner's personal tastes than it is a reflection of popular rock and roll.

Blogger said...

loved this post... really true ... Well Said

The Vegas Flea said...


Just discovered your blog this morning. I like it!

Great rant, by the way. Honestly, some of these artists should be embarrassed by getting in before most on the waiting list, like Deep Purple and Rush.

Seriously, I'd bet if you asked Anthony Kiedis of the Chili Peppers how he felt about getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before Geddy Lee, his answer would be a bit of embarrassment, it'd have to be.

Again, great blog. Also, I know it's lame as hell to self promote on other's blogs, but I write tons of stuff about the very same things over at my blog - check it out.

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