Friday, October 30, 2009

Guest Post: Carolina

Happy Friday, bloggies!!
Today's guest post comes from the blogless
Carolina, but she's been a longtime reader of my blog.

It's her story about a lady she knows who has met tons of cool people through her then-husband's job! Here it is:

It was the fall of 1998 in a new subdivision of custom homes nestled in the trees of suburbia just a few miles away from a major metropolitan city. There was an area called an enclave – 3 streets of homes with limited access from the main road. So, it was a very quiet area with no through streets. If you were on one of these streets you either lived here or were visiting someone who did.

Since many of us were moving into our new homes at the same time, we had two factors in common that bonded us right away: we were new to the street and we had kids. So, very quickly several of the ladies decided to have a “ladies dinner” once a month and all women in the enclave were invited and we would break bread together and share some wine. The idea was to rotate hostesses so that eventually, we could all see each other’s home – a very “Martha Stewart” idea.

So, here we all are at Julia’s (her name has been changed) house for our monthly get-together. Part of the fun of these gatherings is getting to see how that particular person decorated their house. Some of these women were fabulously creative. So, someone asks Julia to give us a tour and she agrees. Sometimes these tours were just of the downstairs, but usually involved a quick peek upstairs to see game rooms, theater rooms, etc.

Someone asks if we can go upstairs and Julia hesitates for just a second and then says okay. Up we go.

We walk into the game room and everyone is stunned. The walls are filled with gold records and photographs, lots of photographs. All the records are from Journey. We are glancing at the photos and realize that our Julia (much younger) is in photos with lots of musicians including Boz Scaggs, ZZ Top, Steve Perry and other Journey members, and ohmygod is that Mick Jagger? Yes, it was. The photographs were beautiful, mostly black and white and all candid and intimate shots. Not your typical smile at the camera to prove you had a backstage pass. We were all overcome. We’re a group of soccer moms and we now have one among us who lived with the rock gods in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Julia shyly explained that her ex-husband was the tour manager for Journey for years and then added, it was a lifetime ago. She suggested we go downstairs and eat. We walked down the stairs in silence and then began to talk about what bonds each of us – our children. It was quite a surreal night in suburbia!

Awesome story, Carolina! Thanks for sharing. :)

Have you had any cool connections to famous people?!
I actually know a friend who is BFFs with Sara Fleetwood (Mick Fleetwood's ex-wife, Stevie's BFF, the namesake of FM's song "Sara") and my friend is moving out to California to LIVE with her! Crazy stuff. I'm expecting some Stevie shawls for Christmas. ;)

Have a great weekend yall!


Nutritious is Delicious said...

Cool Story Carolina! ;)

Sean Coleman said...

That is an excellent story. Must have made for excellent conversations during the rest of the evening.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

my one encounter was enough to last me a lifetime :) you know which one I mean. I've met a few others (Kenny Loggins, Robbin Crosby, Rod Price, Stevie Ray Vaughan) but I feel embarrassed talking about it for some reason. Meeting SRV was an HONOR.

bearockr said...

Well Written Carolina! .. .Though I Havent Met Any Famous Musician As yet ! .. and i would like to congratulate layla for having met SRV ! Freaking Awesome !

Whizkid said...

Nice, Carolina! My only encounter is pretty lame...back in the 70's, I used to run into Rocky Hill---the guitar playing older brother of ZZ Top's bassist Dusty Hill---at a local music store in Houston. Rocky and Dusty had played together in the days before Dusty joined ZZ Top. BTW, Layla, the Hill brothers ran around with SRV and his older brother Jimmy (The Fabulous Thunderbirds) growing up in Dallas since they were youngsters.

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