Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mick Ralphs!

Mick Ralphs (of Mott the Hoople and Bad Company) turns 65 today!

Did you know... that Bad Company was the first group signed to Led Zeppelin's Swan Song Records? Yup, the record label launched in May of 1974 and that June Bad Company's debut album was released on it.

I want to share a video with you of "Bad Company" by Bad Company, written by Bad Company (i.e. Paul Rodgers and Mick Ralphs)! :)
Very cool song, by the way!


Whizkid said...

I love BAD COMPANY!!! I saw them on their debut US tour in Sept 1974. They were the opening act at ZZ Top's First Annual Texas Size Rompin’ Stompin’ Barndance and Bar B.Q. on Labor Day weekend at Memorial Stadium in Austin. They played most of their first album and Jimmy Page came out and played with them on their encore!!! (I'm pretty sure I remember it being "Rock Steady".) There were over 80,000 at that show and it was hotter than hell. In addition to ZZ Top and Bad Company was Santana and Joe Cocker.

I think Bad Company's self-titled first album cover is still one of the most iconic covers in rock history.

rock and roll history said...

Nothing wrong with a little Bad Company, by Bad Company, from the album Bad Company.

Whizkid said...

...named after the movie Bad Company.

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