Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1997: The Dance

On this day twelve years ago, Fleetwood Mac's live reunion album The Dance was released.

If you haven't seen this live performance of "Silver Springs" from the DVD, you need to watch it. Pronto. If you know anything about the history of this band, it will most likely give you chills. :)

If you didn't know, "Silver Springs" was recorded and actually supposed to be on Rumours. There's a great piano demo of SS floating around out there that could possibly break your heart as well as the original recording on a re-issue of the album.

Random note: Has anyone seen that new picture of Steven Tyler? He looks like a little old lady and it's really... yuck!


Whizkid said...

How the hell could they not include Silver Springs on the album?!? Too painful for them?

Quite possibly the best song Stevie's ever written. Can you imagine how it must have ripped her gut to write it? To totally wear her heart on her sleeve for all to see like that? Amazing.

classicrockforthesoul said...

I know! It's a shame it was left off Rumours.
It was replaced by "I Don't Want to Know" because Mick Fleetwood (who had problems with SS for some reason) said it would fit better on the album because it was shorter in length.

Obviously Stevie was angry about that -- even though she also wrote IDWTK, she probably knew that SS was a stronger song.

I suppose the only good thing that came out of leaving it off of Rumours was that it was such a great song for their reunion tour - it even got a Grammy nod in '98.

IDWTK was done by Buckingham Nicks on their shortlived tour as a duo before joining FM. It's an okay song... but it's nowhere near Silver Springs in my opinion.

Sarah said...

Listening to "Silver Springs" was actually what prompted my blog post about Fleetwood Mac. I agree, very powerful song - lots of emotion in it but that's what I love about watching them perform. The raw emotion!

Good luck at college!

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