Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not feeling it...

Hey guys!

I haven't posted in almost two weeks... I've been settled here for about a week, but I don't know... I'm just not feeling it (the blog) right now.

I'm catching up on all of you guys' blogs and then I'll be deciding what I'm going to do with mine.

Until then...


carolina said...

Sure have enjoyed reading your blog! It's been fun to hear your opinion on classic rock from a young, fresh perspective. Always found your blog well written and interesting. Loved your concert reviews and videos!
Best of luck in whatever you decide.

Whizkid said...


d.edlen said...

Missed seeing you on mine too!

I dig your comment moderation note. That's how I started out. Shifted to no moderation ton try to encourage more comments, and then just responding to them. Not sure which way worked better, just different. :)


classicrockforthesoul said...

Thanks, guys!

Daniel - thanks for your comment. I'm not sure why I started comment moderation -- it's not like I was getting any creeps or anything. So I just turned it off haha

I'm thinking I may start it back up again.. I miss it and even though I may not be commenting on some of yall's blogs, I'm still reading!! :)

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