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Guest Post: BeARockr

Morning, bloggies! I don't know about you, but this week flew by. Which is just fine with me! ;)

Today's guest post comes from Arjit at
BeARockr -- if you don't read his blog, be sure to go over and say hi! He's always got some cool write-ups and videos. Let's go:

A good guitarist is not the one who can play 50 notes in one second... A good guitarist is that who can play just 5 notes which sound magical!

Hmm... to start with... as I have experienced, a guitar player doesn't need to have any kind of degrees in paper... or advanced formal training... your solos must come from within and reflect what your feelings are. They must talk to the world and express your emotions... now, of course expressing emotions can't be taught, right!

Two most important pre-requisites to be a true guitar player
1) Be unique, Be different, Be innovative
2) Play your emotions on the guitar... play from your heart

Here are some of my views on various guitar gods, taken from my own blog:

Jimi Hendrix-
Jimi Hendrix... the all time greatest guitarist in rock history. Actually to say... even Steve Vai could match his techniques easily and do a better solo than him... but guys, no one could match the originality of Hendrix. He invented his own great riffs and solos and was the first one to revolutionze guitaring... expressive guitaring (so to say).

Eric Clapton-
I really don't have words to describe Mr. Eric Clapton. He has been my greatest inspiration and for the rest of the world too! A really down to earth, simple person with such an immense understanding and extraordinarily unique and skillful guitar playing and really amazing vocals at the same time!
Well, just see Eric Clapton play live and you'll feel that you ain't seeing a full-to-attitude rocker playing, rather you feel intensely pure performer playing so naturally that he has always brought tears in my eyes, because seeing a great old man playing so wonderfully, I feel I could go up and say: "Sir, hope you live forever" (Same was for another great legend: Michael Jackson) "Clapton is God"

Jimmy Page-
If you ask why is he the most versatile, the reason is simple: his riffs and solos are a perfect plent of hard rock to heavy metal to blues and folk rock! With such a beautiful riff in "Stairway to Heaven" to a nice heavy metal kind of riff in "Black Dog" and "Kashmir," and a fascinating, highly acclaimed guitar solo in "Stairway to Heaven." He has done it all!

Also, some of my musician friends once asked me, "Why should we do covers of other songs, since our own originals can only define us better?"

Let me answer this too: Covers are basically songs of an established rock band performed by another band in its own style and understanding of the song! Though I can't say that covers are the ultimate or major way to judge a band, it may just be for only about 20-30% of the total points to a band... but yes, "Covers - A Trailer of What's Yet to Come!" They definitely reflect the band's actual knowledge and understanding of music as a whole...

So, covers are very important for a band to establish itself firmly. A band can also show its originality and creativity by covering other songs since the base OF the song has to remain the same!

My most favorite cover would be "Along the Watchtower" done by Jimi Hendrix!

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Anonymous said...

Being a gnr fan, i would go for knockin on heaven's door as my fav cover

bearockr said...

Well, hello Mr. Anonymous... Just Wanted To say that knockin on heavens door was also a brilliant transformation done by GnR , from a totally folk rock song to a really hard distorted sound.

And thanks to Alexa for this post !

carolina said...

Thanks for your post -- enjoyed it.
Interesting insights on covers. Always fun to see how a band makes changes so the song becomes their own. Often, the cover does better than the original recording or is more memorable.

bearockr said...

Hey Carolina ! glad you enjoyed my post. And yes, Covers have always been an exciting aspect of music to hear. I personally become really curious when I get news that some band has covered another. The compositions they add and the way bands play around with other songs they cover is quite the most amazing thing to watch !

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